Friday, 9 February 2018


I have filled in on some of the tree trunk and gradually filling in the rest of the flowers and leaves. Slowly getting nearer to the birds, but a lot of filling in on the background still to do. It all takes time and patience.


Driving through the game parks you never know what you will be lucky enough to see.
From zebra, moving around in their pyjamas. Gazelle leaping about, little dick-dicks, grumpy old buffalo, and the different kinds of buck and antelope that are around.


 This was our pet dick-dick which was rescued from a fire where it's mother was killed. We named it Bambi and brought it up on a bottle. It grew up to full size and was a real little rascal. Loved hiding in the bushes in the garden and racing out to head butt you. Here is Bambi with our daughter as a tiny baby. Unfortunately was killed several years later by a pack of wild dogs that broke into his house at night.


                                      My painting of the zebra.


Sorry there will be no blog next week as I am away visiting family. Will be back as usual the following week.
Take care and see you soon.

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Friday, 2 February 2018


Here we are starting into another month. Where do the days go to! Spring will soon be here. Almond blossom is coming out on the trees and wild spring flowers are starting to appear, along with pretty flowering weeds.
I am still on blossoms and leaves, and there is a lot of them to do. Looking forward to getting to the birds.


Stopping off at the hot springs, Dad with mum's help would drop a couple of eggs into the bubbling water of the springs for boiled eggs with our sandwiches. Looking back this was such fun, especially if one exploded and shot everywhere.


It was in those days whilst driving up near the Congo border we first saw our gorillas, a beautiful silver back male crossing the road. The rest of the family followed, and what a sight that was. Just a pity they did not take any other photo's. In those days there was no digital camera's, it was all film, which then had to be sent away to be developed, and of course cost money.

But there are adorable monkeys of all kinds to be seen. Up the trees, on the bonnet of the car, running across the road, who needs a taxi!
I could fill a page now with pictures.


                                                     No, I ordered nuts, not eggs and bacon!

A Gibraltar ape giving me a new hairdo.

                        Our furry friends are all over the world.

My picture of Mum and Babe


Wishing you all a good week.

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Friday, 26 January 2018


I have now given the picture of  'Julie' a lovely dog to the clients who commissioned me to do her portrait.

 The completed picture.


          And in it's frame.

This week it was back to my other picture of the 'Magpies' in the woods. Blossom's and blossom's and loads of leaves to do before I even reach the birds.



Nothing can be so exciting as a giraffe walking over to your car and poking it's head in the open top. We could feel the breath from this one, and this was out in the wild.Those large beautiful eyes with sweeping eyelashes, not to mention that long tongue. Felt I was about to get the kiss of life!

And the little ones, you just have to fall in love with them.

Such beautiful and graceful creatures.  As a child I was fascinated by these creature with their long necks and funny ways of bending  and spreading out their legs to drink at the riverside. But these docile looking animals can sure kick and maim each other when in a fight.

                                                                       'It's been a long hot day'


I know that after having lived most of my childhood life, I was lucky enough to have a couple of holidays back to our tramping grounds. It made me appreciate the wildlife even more and just how lucky I was to have lived out in Africa.

 My painting of Mum and Babe.

Wishing you all a safe and happy week. see you next time

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Friday, 19 January 2018


I have now finished my commissioned picture of 'Julie'. The background filled in and the tweaking around done.
Sorry I am not posting it on this weeks blog, but I  am waiting to see if the clients are happy with the picture first.
Now it is back to the magpies in the trees. I have done a little on this picture but will be at it again this week.


Childhood memories that I can remember from when we lived out in Africa.
At that time when there were not so many bridges around, or ones that my father was involved in, we would occasionally cross the river by canoe. For me as a child this was great fun, not sure that my parents thought that, especially my mother. She would have always preferred the manual pulled along ferry, but that was not always possible.


  Sorry no picture of us in a canoe.

This could be very dangerous when hoping not to come across the hippo's. Nothing like having one pop it's head up by the side of the canoe to rock you, and hopefully not overturn the boat. More people are killed by hippo than with lion or other animals, but having said that, buffalo are animals to be given a wide berth.
Hippo's are most dangerous when separated from their young. We had a friend whose young son was killed whilst playing in the shallow waters of a river coming off from the lake. He got in between the mother and her calf  and obviously was a threat, so the hippo attacked and killed the boy.

                                                      My painting of the hippo's

Wishing you all a good week and do catch up with me next week.

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Friday, 12 January 2018


'Julie' is coming along nicely now. Once I have finished the fur on the body, I will go back and tweak whiskers here and there and rough up any fur as needed.  I still have to darken around the eyebrows area and a couple of other spots. Then it will be onto the background. Slowly getting there.



Back to some childhood memories. We used to love going out with my father on the odd day trip when he had to inspect or repair broken down machinery. It gave my mother the chance to see the countryside and life, and as a child the beauty of seeing the wild animals.
In those days it was nothing to come across deer, giraffe and even elephants when out in the bush. Now days you are lucky to see anything, and not always that amount in the game-parks.
Elephants in those days were large herds with some tuskers having massive tusks. Elephants always had the right of way and it was nothing unusual to see an odd trampled car at the roadside. I can still remember my heart beating  when suddenly coming across a herd. Nothing to be seen and then the huge grey or if covered in dust 'red giant of an animal would appear. Even now I still am fascinated as to how an elephant can hide behind even the tiniest bush! Always making  sure you always kept the engine running and in gear ready to drive off quickly, especially if calves around.


Hope you are all having a good week.

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Friday, 5 January 2018


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

We are already finishing the first week of the month, time has started to fly by already.
I have been busy working on the nose and the mouth, and filling in on other areas as I get to them.
Hopefully by next week there will be more to see.


Having just had a birthday recently. The big 70, I started to think back on my life, and how fortunate I have been. Experiences, travel and life, whereas  a lot of people have never even left the town they were born in.
I went out to Africa with my parents, as my father worked for the British government, as a mechanical supervisor for the heavy machinery that was  used for building roads and bridges etc.
What it must have been like for them I can only imagine, I was only a toddler. Leaving the country you know to live in some far off not really known country at that time.
Our first house was nothing like an english built one. This was bricks and plaster, metal roof and the old wooden shed at the bottom of the garden, with a wooden box making a seat over the big hole underneath. This was the toilet. The old thunder box as they were known . One night my mum stayed in there all night as a leopard was prowling around outside, and even with calling out, she was stuck in there until someone heard her .All she could hear was the pad of feet and the soft growl as the leopard prowled outside. Thankfully it was a rare occassion!


 Just had to put my painting of a leopard on!

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                   Wishing you all a good week and look forward to seeing you next week, catch up on some more life abroad.

Friday, 29 December 2017


I have worked some more around the eyes and now starting to work on the nose area.Starting to get the base in and the shape of the nose area. This will take a little time to get everything looking natural.


But slowly a loveable friend is coming alive.

I do hope that you all had a good Christmas and would like to wish you all the very best for


                                        A very Happy New Year to you all.

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