Friday, 17 November 2017


My picture is coming along nicely, not long now and it will be finished. I have kept it as a simple little picture, no fancy artwork! Not a lot more I can say, except more to be done on the dress and then the floor.


Flowers in the garden.

Continuing on from last week we wander around the garden. the splash of colour here and there and some fancy blooms to be seen.
I have not given them names, just in case I get the wrong one. Enjoy the flowers as we do.

No news on the gourd front, waiting for some to be carved and others to dry.

See you next week and take care.

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Friday, 10 November 2017


Continuing to work down the picture. I changed my mind about the colour of the dress, and have now gone for blue.Little flowers to come later.
Not a lot more I can really say, it's just a mater of gradually filling in the picture.


Around the garden.

This week I thought we would look at some of the beautiful flowers and foliage around and about in the garden.
We do have some beautiful plants and also flowering weeds here in Cyprus, so hopefully you will also enjoy the beauty of them.

The Moonflower, beautiful in the evenings.
Wild Garlic                                                            


Palm tree  flower.

                                                    Pomegranate  Flower

Some more for you to see next week.

 Still collecting them from around the garden. We have had a bumper crop this year, and hopefully will not lose too many to damage  etc.


   Some still hiding away

 And here is one poor little one who will only rot away. Not big enough to grow further. At least the ladybird is a friend.

Two Christmas gourds to add to our collection. Going down to 'That Nice Shop' in Polis.

 Take care and see you next week.

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Friday, 3 November 2017


Another month has whipped by, where has this year gone too. Mrs. Tiddlemouse is slowly coming on. I am doing her apron, but at the same time filling in on the sides of the picture so I can evenly work my way down.
There is nothing worse than concentrating on the main middle area of a picture, then realising that your hand is going to rub across the rest of the picture, when trying to get to the sides.


Round and About in Cyprus.

   Monasteries to visit and admire.                                    

                            Beautiful paintings across the  walls and ceilings.

  Donkey Rides    

Picnic Areas

                                     Swim around Aphrodite's rock

                                            Passing luxury  Yachts.

There is always so much to see and do.


Nearly ready for harvesting.  Gourds are everywhere!


Picked and hanging up to dry.


Our two new bowls.

Wishing you all a good week and do catch up with me next week.

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Friday, 27 October 2017


Mrs. Tiddlemouse can nearly start her spring cleaning in the house. Well, first I will have to finish her!
I am slowly working down and have now started on the mouse's face. Slowly blending in the colours and creating the fur, which as this is a child's picture, I am doing it rather loosely.


Round and about in Cyprus

 A sunrise to wake up for.

              Village children putting on a show.

                                                       Some local carving of gourds

This is where I first started learning to carve gourds.
Now Klaus has taken over the carving, it became too hard on the joints.

 A little tit bit for his friend
                                               Busy sorting out the pastry shapes ready for cooking

Was chatting to someone the other day, and when asked told this lovely lady where we first lived out here in Cyprus. She quickly remarked. ' You must know my grandfather, he drives a tractor in the village!'  I nearly laughed, as just about every other person here in the villages drive tractors.

Looking forward to seeing you next week, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Wishing you all a good week.

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Friday, 20 October 2017


Sorry but not a lot to see at the moment. I have the picture drawn out and have touched it with a pastel, but that is as far as it goes. Anyway, Mrs. Tiddlemouse can't sweep as I have not finished her broom yet! Will have more to see next time.


My last picture is now mounted and framed and hanging up on the wall. Thought I would have it for a short time before taking it down to the shop.

Round and about Cyprus.

Thought today we would have a drive out in the countryside. Cyprus is a beautiful place with areas changing as you go along.

 Only a little drop of rain!
Not this year yet.

Fantastic views


                                                    Tombs of the Kings

                                                                                                   Pomos Harbour
                                                A gusty day

                                    On a clear day you can see the mountains over in Turkey.

Do come back next week.

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Friday, 13 October 2017


I have finished my picture which I have enjoyed doing. This subject was quite different to my usaul kind of picture. Now I just have to find a nice frame for it.


I am now doing a very simple children's picture. Something out of  childhood and what I used to read to the children. Mrs. Tiddlemouse. I also have a picture of Squirrel Nutkin so might do that as well after this one to make a set of two. Will think about it!

Around the village with the camera.


Getting ready for Hallowen at the end of the month. Going down to 'That Nice Shop' in Polis.



Take care and have a good week. See you next time.

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